Whisper Thin Sandwich


This is my favorite kind of lunch — a few staples and leftovers come together to create something wholly satisfying in a matter of minutes. Thin slices of whole wheat toast are slathered with creamy Greek yogurt, and topped with a spicy, tangy tomato chutney. Leftover grilled pork tenderloin is shaved into whisper thin slices, and topped with sharp white cheddar and fresh pickles. Finished with a dusting of lemon zest and a handful of micro greens. These micro greens are actually garden tinnings of radish, beet, spinach, arugula and turnip greens. Nothing wasted and delicious to boot.

More a template than recipe, I always change it up based on what I have on hand. But I find it so helpful to have a handful of go to lunch ideas when mid day rolls around and I’m suddenly starving.

The bread is really key, I like something with lots of seeds and grains (this is a current favorite). I love to build off a creamy base; I’ll often use thick Greek yogurt, but ricotta, labneh, hummus or avocado are all delicious (Heidi has a wonderful post up about labneh)

To this I’ll  add something with a little pop to offset the creaminess — like spicy chutney, stone ground mustard, pickled vegetables or marmalade

I think the key with a sandwich like this is the textures and balance; the bread should provide structure and plenty of crunch, while any vegetables, meats and cheeses are shaved thin to keep things light and delicate.

Excellent toppings include: zucchini or asparagus ribbons, thin slices of cucumber, onion, pepper; fresh peas; a little later in the season tomato slices topped with a sprinkle of finishing salt. I’m always heavy handed with greens — I’ll finish with as much fresh arugula, spinach, micro greens, or herbs as I can.

Happy lunching!


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