A Spring in my Step


After last weeks mini heat wave — Wednesday was 96 degrees!—spring has finally sprung. For real this time! I’m thrilled. There are blooms everywhere you look; cherry, bradford pear and magnolia blossoms, but also a sprawling bush with neon yellow flowers I couldn’t identify. Turns out its forsythia (or, as Matt calls it for-cynthia) Around here, you see it everywhere you turn. Could there be more wonderful sign of spring?P1040256

And the garden is growing! More garden pictures after the jump…


{a few of the plants starts bask in the greenhouse}

90+ plants in pots. Too many seedlings in trays to count. We’re getting a big head start on the heat-loving plants; there are so many things we can try growing here we just didn’t have the weather for in Seattle — Melons! Both hot & sweet peppers! Eggplant! Also sowed in pots: basil, cilantro, dill, cumin, oregano, zucchini & summer squash, delicata squash, cucumbers, 5, maybe 6 tomato varieties, flower seeds… I’m sure I’m forgetting something. In many cases, starting some plants in pots enables us to have an earlier — and staggered — harvest. Once transplanted, we can also direct sow more to ensure a constant supply of produce all summer and into the fall.

Meanwhile, direct sown greens are flourishing in the beds! We’re eating garden salads every day and I feel so much healthier — there’s just nothing like eating a salad that has been picked for all of 5 minutes. Right now we’re enjoying plenty of spicy arugula and small earthy spinach leaves. Spring has arrived indeed!


P1040259 P1040261 P1040262 P1040263





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