Waxing poetic about the transformation power of fresh flowers in the home is hardly unusual for a blogger. Its probably downright repetitive. But the dogwood trees are blooming outside my window, you guys, and tree branches covered in gorgeous pink, white and green blossoms are too good a topic to pass up. They really do light up a room.


this is the gorgeous view from my bedroom window

Every year, when the trees explode into bloom, I’m astounded. This is my first spring in a new part of the country, with new varieties of trees (flowering quince!) to ogle and appreciate, and let me tell you the magic is as strong as ever.


a dogwood shades the new patio


2 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. I agree completely! Just added some lily of the valley the other day to a tiny bunch of forgetmenots someone brought in, to my great delight. . . bliss 🙂

    • You are such an inspiration to me when it comes to flower arranging. I try to channel you whenever I’m hunched over a vase trying to make a bunch look wild but cohesive. Its so hard, but I’m improving little by little. I can’t wait to see the farm when I’m in town in June!!

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