DSC_0092_2Welcome! I’m Evan and Finch and Wallace is a place where I gather my many loves to share with any and all.

I am driven by a love of food, and restaurant work pays the bills. But preparing and sharing meals at home is what excites me. The table as a gathering place; food to share and nourish. I grew up eating outstanding meals prepared by  generations of  women in my family;  my mom cooked dinner every night, exposing me to an abundance of produce, the fresher the better. And my grandmother’s use of diverse grains (and her amazing fresh baked bread, homemade butter and cheese) inspire me to always start from scratch.

A frustration over the difficulty of sourcing truly fresh local produce led myself and my then-boyfriend to pick up shovels and try growing some food ourselves. And oh boy, did something take root! We’ve built and maintained extensive organic edible gardens for four years in three different places, each year learning more and tweaking our approach. This year is exciting, as we’re learning a completely different climate as well.

I grew up in Seattle and lived there until 2012 when my now-husband and I loaded up all our thrifted furniture, le creusets and our two cats (sadly minus our 9 chickens) and drove 3000 miles across country. I still love Seattle and am always happy to answer any questions.  We’re filling our days exploring gorgeous rural Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia and starting plants from seed for spring planting!

While I’m constantly fighting the dirt accumulating under my fingernails, I have a twin love of art and design. My parents are both highly creative people — an architect and interior designer — and through them I have seen first hand what it is to re-envision a space. Fabricating something new or refurbishing something old, well done DIY or inventive inexpensive solutions that make a space more liveable.

Homemade and homegrown.




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