Built: Nature In The Raw

This time of year is all about getting out of the house – we’ve been cooped up for many long months! But there is a desire to freshen and rejuvenate our lives indoors as well. We’re opening windows, purging excess belongings, excavating the dust and grime that accumulated during the darker months; and cutting the first spring blooms to proudly display indoors. The raw shapes and forms of natural objects can be a refreshing addition to our interior decor; adding texture, beauty and functionality to any space.

In the bathroom:

As storage and shelving:

The natural angle of branches become shelf brackets

Branch shelf three ways

Tree branch hooks

Driftwood as a clothing rod

As furniture:

Tree stump coffee table

a gorgeous natural slab table top showcases the shape of the wood

And as lighting:


Built: Bar on a Bike

Is this the coolest thing or what!? I have always loved compartmentalized travel and picnic food solutions — like fancy picnic baskets. This takes that to a whole new level. What a fabulous idea, especially for spring!

Via Hither & Thither, a beautiful blog.

Built: Un-plumbed with Aplomb

I am fascinated by furniture and decor that transforms ordinary objects and materials in unexpected ways. Plumbing pipe is a natural exoskeleton. Below are projects which utilize the pipe to create storage and furniture solutions. I love the industrial texture these pieces add to a room.



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Built: Cardboard Tube Wall

This brilliant wall caught my eye and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Wouldn’t a project like this be the perfect inspiration for a perforated screen between entryway and living space? Or as a utilitarian storage wall in a studio apartment, or between a kitchen and dining area… I’m smitten.

Doesn’t it look like a honeycomb?

Via CMYBacon

Built is a series created to show inspiring projects I’d love to attempt.