Built: Nature In The Raw

This time of year is all about getting out of the house – we’ve been cooped up for many long months! But there is a desire to freshen and rejuvenate our lives indoors as well. We’re opening windows, purging excess belongings, excavating the dust and grime that accumulated during the darker months; and cutting the first spring blooms to proudly display indoors. The raw shapes and forms of natural objects can be a refreshing addition to our interior decor; adding texture, beauty and functionality to any space.

In the bathroom:

As storage and shelving:

The natural angle of branches become shelf brackets

Branch shelf three ways

Tree branch hooks

Driftwood as a clothing rod

As furniture:

Tree stump coffee table

a gorgeous natural slab table top showcases the shape of the wood

And as lighting:




Waxing poetic about the transformation power of fresh flowers in the home is hardly unusual for a blogger. Its probably downright repetitive. But the dogwood trees are blooming outside my window, you guys, and tree branches covered in gorgeous pink, white and green blossoms are too good a topic to pass up. They really do light up a room.


this is the gorgeous view from my bedroom window

Every year, when the trees explode into bloom, I’m astounded. This is my first spring in a new part of the country, with new varieties of trees (flowering quince!) to ogle and appreciate, and let me tell you the magic is as strong as ever.


a dogwood shades the new patio

5 Things

I’m laughing at myself. This post demonstrates loud and clear that unless its delivered right to my door (hello Bon Appetit) I’m about a year behind on all things pop culture. But this week the public library has come through big for me. Music. Books. Movies. I’m excited, even if most of you are way ahead of me.

{ dying to try: the new Bon Appetit is out, and boy oh boy do I want this sandwich }

{ watching: Drive. for the first time. i already want to see it again. why did i wait so long? }

{ reading: what a book. getting me very excited for spring produce! }

{ craving: bold geometric prints. these are the perfect flats for spring }

{ listening: I may be late to the party, but I’m loving Grizzly Bear’s Shields. thank you public library }

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Built: Un-plumbed with Aplomb

I am fascinated by furniture and decor that transforms ordinary objects and materials in unexpected ways. Plumbing pipe is a natural exoskeleton. Below are projects which utilize the pipe to create storage and furniture solutions. I love the industrial texture these pieces add to a room.



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Built: Cardboard Tube Wall

This brilliant wall caught my eye and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Wouldn’t a project like this be the perfect inspiration for a perforated screen between entryway and living space? Or as a utilitarian storage wall in a studio apartment, or between a kitchen and dining area… I’m smitten.

Doesn’t it look like a honeycomb?

Via CMYBacon

Built is a series created to show inspiring projects I’d love to attempt.