Built: Bar on a Bike

Is this the coolest thing or what!? I have always loved compartmentalized travel and picnic food solutions — like fancy picnic baskets. This takes that to a whole new level. What a fabulous idea, especially for spring!

Via Hither & Thither, a beautiful blog.


Before & After: Reupholsted Chair

Apropos: This song was stuck in my head during the entire project: enjoy!chairbefore

This Louis XVI chair is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. My mom found it in New York when she was pregnant with me. It was very paisley. She reupholstered it in a simple cream brocade, which today looked every bit its 22+ years. You could say it has some history.  The ornate carving on the legs and back made it tricky for me to decide on a fabric. I finally went with this outdoor cotton canvas — the pattern is large enough that it becomes graphic rather than ornate, and the clean colors appealed to me. Continue reading

Built: Un-plumbed with Aplomb

I am fascinated by furniture and decor that transforms ordinary objects and materials in unexpected ways. Plumbing pipe is a natural exoskeleton. Below are projects which utilize the pipe to create storage and furniture solutions. I love the industrial texture these pieces add to a room.



A few more images after the jump…

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Before & After: Salvaged File Drawer

I found this file drawer at my favorite store in the world. The Goodwill Outlet in Seattle. Clothes, shoes, housewares — $1.29 a pound. That’s right. Its almost impossible to spend more than $20 at a time. They also have a smattering of furnishings that, thankfully, are not weighed; I snatched this up for just .99 cents. Image

I was drawn to its unique size — I don’t see many single drawer filing cabinets — and the great patina on the handle. But the color — a really dingy olive green — just wasn’t working for me. So I decided to spruce it up…

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Built: Cardboard Tube Wall

This brilliant wall caught my eye and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Wouldn’t a project like this be the perfect inspiration for a perforated screen between entryway and living space? Or as a utilitarian storage wall in a studio apartment, or between a kitchen and dining area… I’m smitten.

Doesn’t it look like a honeycomb?

Via CMYBacon

Built is a series created to show inspiring projects I’d love to attempt.